Wedding Wednesday :Barbara's Big Day !

Its Happening y'all I am officially at the age where a friend of mine basicay gets married at least once a month and I am reminded that I am single and poor when shopping for an appropriate gift. That aside the best thing about my friends getting married is that yours truly is the preferred makeup artist !
Allow me to introduce you to BTB ( Barbara,Tammy and Bree or Bre, Tammy and Barbara either way ) I met these ladies when I joined greek life and have many a story involving thier house and wine or their house and me crying but whatever. 

I was lucky enough that the Bride, Barbara was dead set on having me do the makeup for not only her but all of her bridesmaids which was basically a college reunion ! I had so much fun getting everyone glammed up for the occasion and even after getting rained on and having to quickly move the ceremony inside everyone still looked gorgeous !
All Photography by Lemons and Tea Photography

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