Desperately Seeking Lashes

I am always on the hunt for the latest and greatest in beauty and for quite some time you all have been asking me about lash extensions and what I think. But what exactly is a lash extension you ask ?
Eyelash Extensions are a unique way to extend the length an thickness of your lash using a synthetic or natural lash fibers glued to the base of the lash. Extensions are applied directly to each eyelash meticulously for a natural yet dramatic look.

More than anything you all wanted to know how the extensions wear, pro's and con's etc, so I decided the best way to answer your questions would be to try them for myself and see what I thought !

So today I'm headed out to the The Lash Atelier to get my very first set of lash extensions.

Before I came in I was given a few instructions so I could have the best experience possible.
  • Arrive make-up free, no mascara, eyeliner, or concealer - the cleaner your lashes the better the bond with the extension
  • No moisturizers, lotions, or oils on your skin
  •  Feel free to bring an iPod/headphones, this is your time to relax! ;)

So armed with knowledge of proper pre-lash extension procedure, I'm off to get my very first set of lashes ! Wish me luck and I'll have a full report for you all next week !

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