Wedding Wednesday: Tiana's Fairytale

       I'm not entirely sure of the exact when where or how of how Tiana and I became friends but I know it happened during our freshman year at TCU ( likely at a frat party) during which we discovered we were born on the exact same day the exact same year. BAM ! Instant Besties for life ! Though our lives took us different paths we have literally never missed telling each other Happy Birthday. So when Tiana asked if I would be available to do the makeup for her big day the answer was LE DUH ! I
       Out of all my weddings this year I think Tiana's Bridal Party wins the award for most fun ! From the second we arrived in the bridal prep area at the Stonegate Mansion in Fort Worth, Texas I knew it was going to be a great time. 

Tiana had 7 fantastic bridesmaids who did everything from entertain me to get me coffee ! I think the vibe was a tribute to how important good girlfriends are. I don't think I saw Tiana nervous at any point while getting ready even as we got closer to the ceremony she was so calm. There was music and we jammed out and had so much fun and when it was all said and done I had a celebratory Mimosa !

Following photography by Lydia Royce 

I know a lot of makeup artists who say "I hate brides I don't know how you do it". Easy, my Brides are amazing, not only that but working in the bridal industry has led to me working with some fantastic talent like Lydia Royce Photography ! I have never cried looking at my work before and thanks to Lydia I did. She captured my work in such an amazing way that I have never seen before and to sound SUPER cliche I feel so #blessed to do what I do and work with the people I work with.

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