BARESKIN Boyfriend

While most single girls in their 20's search for their future husband my biggest concern is my next beauty buy and where my next cocktail is coming from I'm not opposed to it being from my future husband. So in my search for the next big thing I have found your new summer love, BARESKIN from BareMinerals ! I realize that many of you are thinking "BareMinerals like what my mom used in the early 00's and bought off of a late night infomercial ?" Yes they are one in the same but BARESKIN is NOT  just your moms QVC foundation.  
Let's start with the basics BARESKIN is a tone-correcting mineral foundation and  brightening serum laymans terms its a foundation that will make you pretty whether its on or off ! 
Formulated  without Oil,Silicone,Parabens or fragrance this stuff is amazing and gives full coverage in as little as 3 drops ! Not only that but the coverage is lightweight on the skin making it PERFECT for summer !

BareMinerals suggests using the product with this brush and I have to agree that it gives the smoothest and fullest overall application up against brushes from Sephora,Mac and a BeautyBlender. This brush was designed for the foundation and really gives the best application.
At the risk of sounding like a paid spokesperson I am genuinely impressed. I try new foundations sometimes 3 times a month and honestly I'm not easily impressed but this foundation gave flawless natural looking coverage EVERY time to every client of mine .The only downside was the color range. I am super chocolaty and looked like Casper using the last shade but hopefully they will grow thier shade range with the success of the product .other than BareMinerals has totally outdone themselves so go out and get you some ! 



  1. What primer did you use with it? I

  2. AnonymousJune 02, 2014

    Weird question. Does this make your skin itch in the hot months? I've had this issue with the bare minerals line (and it could be not a great primer with) but just curious.