Every Day Kim K : Part Deux

So sue me I'm doing a part two but I felt like this particular article needed a full 2 days to discuss with you all , particularly because the ladies of Chronicles of Frivolity are so different yet fabulously complimentary of one another. If Katey is Dallas then Kristen is definitely Austin all the way, laid back effortless style through and through (head here for more of their fabulous style ). I sat Kristen down to do her makeup she said " Don't be offended if I wipe this all off after we're done shooting because I have an interview.I get it, the usual Kardashian makeup doesn't exactly scream " respectable and ready for the working world" but the point here is to show you Kardashian-esq glamour  tid bits to add to your every day!

One of the key differences in this look for Kristen vs Katey was the ways I chose to emphasize their eyes and lips . Kristin is a brunette so instead of opting for vanilla tone nudes I went toward warmer sand shades. Mac Honey Love along with a few extra touches gave her lips the perfect touch of warmth to make her look polished without being overdone. Additionally I chose to line Kristen's water line in black liner then dust the lower lash line with a soft brown shadow allowing the black liner to do its job without being too club ready. With a pair of natural lashes for some extra oomph how can you possibly go wrong ?

Kristen's response to her Kim K inspired glam ...Me Gusta !

Have questions or wanna know more about the products used to create the look ! Email me at beccaashmon@gmail.com !

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