Wanna Know Wednesday

Hey Becca LOVE your blog!!  So here's my beauty question: I love all the bright/bold lipsticks that are in right now..BUT anytime I apply lipstick, lip stain, tinted lip gloss etc. I almost immediately get it on my teeth and constantly have to check through out the night that my teeth aren't some trendy bright color! any brands/application tricks to prevent this?! 
I want bold lips not teeth!

Dear , I want bold lips not teeth, I totally feel your pain there is nothing worse than feeling awesome rocking your new bold lip and then realizing that you in fact have said bold lip color all over your teeth.  The good news , Sometimes the solutions to our problem are CRAZY easy to fix, so here it is my super high tech fix for lipstick on your teeth.


No you didn't read that incorrectly put your finger in your mouth ! 

When we apply lipstick we often go too far inside our mouth and what doesn't end up on our teeth over time changes color from getting wet and forms what I like to refer to as "monkey butt", to prevent both of these lovely issues insert your index finger into you mouth wrap your lips around it and pull it out.  You will notice lipstick ALL over your finger and that's what would end up on you teeth Repeat this a few times and no more lipstick on teeth ! 

For added lipstick insurance try Bite Beauty's Line and Define Lip Primer . It moisturizes helps retain color and prevents feathering too ! 


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