Wanna Know Wednesday !

So since birthing this blog ( one whole week ago) the thing that seems to be constant  is people like to ask questions . When it comes to beauty and even life if you have a question chances are someone else has it too, so I'm thinking I should dedicate Wednesdays to the things you wanna know ! So every Wednesday I will be answering questions that you wanna know the answers to. Got a Beauty question ? Great ! Advice on your boyfriend ? I got that ! Should you dye your hair blonde ? Lets discuss it ! Anything you wanna know I got cha ! So if you've got something that you wanna know comment on my posts with your questions , Can't wait to hear from you all !

Which brings me to my very first "Wanna Know Wednesday" Inquiry !

Dear Becca,
I'm super lame and I'm just recently getting into taking good care of my skin. I don't want to be old and wrinkly so I'm making sure to get a regimen down to cleanse and moisturize. I really want to invest in a good hand cream. I have been putting SPF 30 on th every day but I need a good cream to use before bed and what not. Do you have any suggestions? What is my best option? 

I don't want grandma hands

Dear I don't want grandma hands (really who does),
Your concerns are totally valid, if I have learned nothing in this life from Madonna it's that nothing in this world can reveal your age quite like your hands. Your skin is the largest organ on your body and you have to take care of ALL of it, so here are my picks to save you from the terrible fate of Grandma hands. Hope this helps ! 

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