Prime it Up

When I think of makeup I like to think of it as clothing for your face, and the foundation of ANY good outfit is the proper undergarments ( I mean even celebrities need SPANX ). Honestly every face needs a good foundation and what makes a solid foundation you ask ? Primer ! Just like you prime a wall before you paint it, your face should be no different.Aside from giving your makeup a foundation to hold onto primer can do a number of other things, from making pores appear smaller and reducing redness to helping reduce dark spots over time. So here is a list of some of my favorite primers and what it is they do!

1.Hourglass- Veil Mineral Primer Hands down my favorite primer of ALL time ! It is Jesus in a bottle (it saves) and goes on the face of EVERY bride I touch !  Hourglass is suitable for ALL skin types but if you are an oily girl like me then meet your new best friend. Veil is a mineral primer with an SPF of 15. Veil not only helps smooth and keep oils at bay it but it's also water resistant in case you happen to be a cry baby tear easily at weddings and such (seriously I have cried through this stuff like ugly Kim Kardashian cried and managed to stay BeyoncĂ© status...FLAWLESS). Bonus It keeps makeup on my face for 12+ hours which is practically a miracle on this face !
Hourglass Veil Primer in action !
2.Benefit- The POREfessional Aside from perhaps being one of the smoothest things to ever grace your face Benefits POREfessional helps to minimize pores while also providing a surface smooth as a baby's bottom.
3.Laura Mercier- Hydrating Primer - If you're a girl with dry skin this primer is the one for you. All the benefits of primer plus hydration to keep you looking
4.Smashbox- Photo Finish Dark Spot Correcting Primer This primer does double duty as a makeup and skincare product and helps reduce the appearance of dark spots while also helping your makeup stay on and flawless .

Bottom Line whether you have flawless skin or giant pores primer is your friend, trust me !


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