It's good to want things !

So this weekend I celebrated my Birthday,  there was cake, there was booze, there was shopping and a lack of impulse control in NorthPark Mall
Getting Old !
Mambo Taxi's are a Birthday MUST !

My downfall in life...The Tom Ford Cosmetics Counter

My situation at NorthPark brings me to my main point today ...

Story Time Kids : When I was little my mom had what we like to refer to as " The Halloween Rule". From Halloween to Christmas my sister and I were not allowed to ask for anything (toy's presents etc) so as to keep us from becoming over indulged spoiled brats. When I would ask for something and say "but mom I really want it" she would calmly reply " It's good to want things". I recently showed her the Birkin Bag of my dreams and she replied as if I were still 5 years old " It's good to want things"  I thought about it though and she's right it is good to want things, it's good to have things you want for yourself and things to work towards and save for.

In the the Spirit of my Birthday and wanting things I've decided that I want YOU my readers to get some things you might want! Head over to my Instagram @aprettyhotmess for details !
Good Luck ! 

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